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Scottish Salmon Oil

Scottish Salmon Oil

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Our Scottish Salmon Oil is 100% natural. Produced from ethically and sustainably sourced Salmon farmed in the deep sea lochs of Scotland. It is naturally rich in essential omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA. These natural oils are proven to improve skin and coat conditions.

Our salmon oil has a rich taste that dogs love, it is the perfect addition to our fresh food. These oils strengthen the immune system, support positive cognitive development, and promotes the general well being of your dog.

Perfect for fussy pups. The single pump action means you can dispense with ease when applying the oil to your dog’s food.

Feeding Guide:

Dog Size:
Small (1 - 10kg): 1-2ml
Medium (11 - 25kg): 3-5ml
Large (26 - 45kg): 6-8ml
XL: (45kg plus): 7-10ml

(Each pump is the equivalent of approximately 1ml)

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